Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create a new album of images?

To create a new gallery album, click the Create a New Album link on the gallery-album page. You will be taken to a new gallery page with instructions for adding your images. Simply click the Add Photos button and wait for the upload tool to appear. You can choose from 3 upload tools; our Express Uploader which is the default uploader, our Java uploader and our Form uploader. In the new box shown, click add photos. Locate your image files just as you would when creating a DVD. Highlight the images you want to upload, and then click the upload button. Your images are on their way. When the box empties, all of your images are uploaded. Close out the Upload Tool and PixOasis will return you to your new album and its images.


How do I upload Images to my new album?

PixOasis offers three ways to batch upload images to your galleries; Express Uploader, Java Uploader, and Form Uploader. The Express Uploader method is the default method offered and PixOasis recommends it as the fastest and easiest method for uploading images. Although any of the three methods can be used, each has some different capabilities.  


How do I deliver high resolution video clips (.MOV files) and compressed MP4 video files?

PixOasis created a system to easily deliver all of your videos including raw .MOV files in a convenient gallery format that is easy to manage for the both the photographer and the client. Simply upload any video file the same as you would any image file. PixOasis recognizes the video format and stores the uncompressed files on our servers. Then, the video files are processed and converted to compressed MP4 videos suitable for viewing on the web. A player is embedded in the video for easy viewing. The client is able to view and share the clips before downloading saving both time and effort. When the download button is clicked, the original file uploaded by the photographer is delivered.


What are the differences between the three uploaders?

For general purpose uploading, the Express Uploader is the fastest and easiest to use.

The Java Uploader requires the newest Java to be installed in the user’s computer and it takes a few moments for the Java Applet to download. It’s best feature is its ability to reduce the size of image files on the fly as they upload. 

For example, in a typical workflow, if a photographer wanted to send low res proofs of a photo shoot, the original images would have to be reduced in size using Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom. The new smaller image files would have to be placed in a new folder and uploaded from that source. By clicking the RESIZE button on the bottom of the uploader, PixOasis reduces each image to 6”x 9” @72dpi, on the fly as they are uploaded. This function saves time but high res versions of images will not be available when using this feature.

The Form Uploader works great for one or two images. The uploads are fast but it is cumbersome to batch upload as images have to be identified individually


How do I use the Java Uploader?

Click Add pictures. A new window will open up that allows you to identify the image files in your computer that you wish to upload.

Please Note: PixOasis's Java Uploader requires the user to have the latest Java plug-in installed on their computer. If the add photo applet appears, this plug-in is already installed. If the applet does not appear or if an error message pops up, follow the link to the Java website and download the latest Java to your computer. Pease note that the latest Java may not be compatible with older MAC operating systems.

The Java Uploader allows the user to batch upload as many images as desired. In addition, to save time and quota space if your clients need only see low res images or proofs, click the resize button. PixOasis will resize your images on the fly to 6"x 9"@ 72 DPI before uploading them. After clicking Add Files or Folders, Highlight the images you wish to upload, and on the lower right side of the window, click Add or Open. The files you highlighted will now appear in a new window called List of pictures to upload. Once the process is complete, you will see your files displayed in the box. Now click Upload.

That's all there is to do. PixOasis will automatically upload your images to your gallery-album. You can monitor the process as it happens. Be prepared for large files to take a considerable amount of time to upload even with a DSL or cable internet connection. This is because internet services generally offer fast download speed but slower upload speed. Once this process is completed and the Add Files window is empty, the upload is completed. Close out the upload complete window and the applet and your album will be visible. You may repeat this process to upload more images or close the Add Photos window and you will be taken to the gallery that contains the photosyou just uploaded.

Tip: Although PixOasis can upload very large images, the smaller the files you upload, the shorter your upload times will be. To deliver proofs from photo shoots, most photographers either choose to use the resize button or reduce their images in Photoshop so that the file sizes are relatively small. This technique has the advantage of faster upload time.

After the client has chosen specific images, photographers prepare their high resolution versions and then upload these final images into a new gallery for instant delivery. Each album will be displayed by a single thumbnail image accompanied by editing and administrative tools to customize your presentation.


Can I upload and deliver any image file using PixOasis?

PixOasis displays and delivers JPEG, GIF, TIFF, and Raw CRW, CR2, NEF and DNG files. In addition, PSD files with layers and PDF files can also be delivered but PixOasis cannot display a thumbnail with these image files. Instead, a place-holder icon is displayed to indicate the image file in the album


How can I re-sort the images in my album?

1. Open up the album by clicking the thumbnail image on the gallery page.
2. Click the Album Options tab on the upper right.
3. Scroll down to sort items
4. Here you options to sort such as:

  • By Upload Date
  • By Picture-Taken Date
  • By Filename
  • By Number of Clicks
  • By Caption
  • By Number of Comments
  • Randomly


How do I add my personal Logo to my galleries?

Pixoasis offers all of our members, the opportunity to personalize their galleries by displaying their own logos as headers on all pages including those sent to clients. Their personalized header will replace the PixOasis logo that is the default header.

If you would like to take advantage of this please do the following: After signing up, send an e mail to requesting a new header. Attach a gif file of your logo measuring not more than 824 pixels wide by 90 pixels high. Please note that the header space is white, so if your logo is smaller than the above dimensions, it will have a white background. Your new header will be in place within 72 hours.


Where can I view and edit my account information?

PixOasis offers a link I the header called “My Account” When the member clicks the link, he or she has access to all of their account information including what his or her plan is and how much of the plan is currently in use. They can also edit their account information, change their password and upgrade their account status if more space is needed.


How do I manage my albums?

Each member has a gallery page that displays and allows the member to manage and organize their albums. A member can create and update an unlimited number of gallery/albums as long as he or she is below the allotted quota. Each gallery/album is identified by both title and oversized thumbnail. By clicking a thumbnail, a member is taken to that gallery/album. Once there, he or she can perform important housekeeping functions.

For each album, one can easily:
• Edit the title of the album
• Edit the captions
• Edit the album
• Delete the album
• Allow or disallow high res downloads
• e mail the album


How can I delete and batch delete images in my album?

To delete an individual image from the album, open the album

1. Under the image, roll the mouse over “Options” and click “Delete”

2. A pop up window will appear asking you to confirm the delete.

3. Click yes and the process is complete.

Occasionally, users may want to delete multiple images from an album at once. This saves time.

To do so:

1. Open the album and roll the mouse over the “Album Options” menu. Click the “Batch Delete” link.

2. the page will refresh with check boxes to choose which images to delete.

3. Click delete and the images are now removed. NOTE: Once removed, images must be re uploaded to restore them to the album.


How can I batch delete multiple albums?

On your Gallery page, on the top grey bar there is a blue button “Batch Delete Albums”. A window will open showing all of your active albums with check boxes to delete as many albums as you wish.


How can I batch rotate images in an album?

On the grey bar next to each album on your Gallery Page is a button “EDIT”. Scroll down to batch rotate and proceed.


How can I create multiple albums that are connected with one link and can be viewed by my client with one click? …..Nested Albums

1. From your Gallery Page, click “Create new album”.
2. On the grey bar under the header, put your cursor on “Album Options” on the farright.
3. Scroll down and click “New Nested Album”
4. When the page refreshes, click the blue “Add New Images” button on the upper left of the page.
5. Upload the images you want to include in your first nested album.
6. When the upload is complete, click the “Return to Album” link on the upper great bar.
7. To add your second and more nested albums, repeat steps 2 to 6


How can individual images be viewed larger?

PixOasis gives each user the opportunity to change the size of the intermediate images displayed when thumbnails are clicked. The default size is set to 640 pixels. It is important to note however, that the new image size MUST BE SET BEFORE UPLOADING THE IMAGES. The size of images already uploaded cannot be changed.

If you want to change the size for new images to be uploaded, here are the steps.
1. Click the “Create New Album”
2. On the grey stripe on the right side, click the “Edit Image Size” link. A pop up box will appear to allow the editing
3. Change the maximum image size from 640 to a dimension of your choice.
4. Click apply and when the page refreshes, click the ”Add New Images” tab and proceed with uploading.


How can my clients download the high res images I uploaded?

Pixoasis offers four options for downloading.

1. By clicking the enlarged intermediate image, the download process is activated.

2. By clicking the “Download All Images” button

3. On the intermediate image page, clicking the “Download highest res image” button

4. On the intermediate image page, click the “Download low res version” button.


What editing options are available?

PixOasis understands that after your photos have been uploaded; you may wish to edit the presentation on-

line. We offer some simple tools to: 

• Edit the text

• Edit the thumbnails

• Rotate of flip the photo

• Move the photo from one gallery/album to another

• Reorder the photo within the gallery/album

• Copy the photo

• Hide the photo

• Delete the photo

All of these functions are available to the photography by clicking on the Edit Photo window and scrolling

down to the function you are interested in. 


What are my “Album Options”?

The Album Options window allows the user to: 

• Monitor and change the Album Properties

• Batch Delete images

• Edit titles

• Rebuild thumbs

• Sort Items

• Create new Nested Albums


What are “Album Properties”?

The Album Properties window allows the user to:

• Edit the album title.

• Determine the pixel dimensions of the intermediate sized images displayed.

• Determine how many rows and columns are used for the display of thumbnails.

• Determine if the user wants the slide show to loop or not.

• Decide on an album to album basis if the user wants new items uploaded to be shown at the beginning or end of the album.


How does the slide show feature work?

PixOasis provides a convenient built-in slideshow tool. Anyone viewing your gallery/album may elect to see

the images as a slideshow. When the slideshow link on the upper right corner of the page is activated, the

slideshow begins with the viewer given options to determine the amount of delay between image changes

and the type of transition between images. To end the slideshow experience, hit the escape key. 

Please Note: The PixOasis slideshow works best with JPEGs.


How do I make selects to use the LightBox function to edit images?

To add an images to a group of selects, click the select check box found under each image in your album. To

view the group of selects, click the blue "View Selects" button under the grey stripe at the top of the album



Can my clients create Select Groups / Lightboxes and share them?

PixOasis knows that you and/or your clients may wish to edit your photos on-line and share this edit with you and others. For this reason we created our Selects/LightBox tool.

Clients can use the lightbox to edit images and to communicate with the photographer which images they choose to use from a particular album. These lightboxes become sub-albums and appear within the original album - usually at the end of the album.

Clients can also share their edits with colleagues by e mailing the link to lightboxes they create. By alerting the photographer that a lightbox has been created, the client does not need to manually list the images in a separate communication.


How do I delete an Album?

To delete an album click the delete album link. A pop up window will appear with a confirmation message. Confirm and your album will be deleted.


When I click the delete album button, nothing happens.

When clicking this button, a pop up window appears. If the user is multitasking with multiple windows open on their desktop, the pop up window may be covered. Minimize the windows or close them out. Your pop up window will be visible. In some cases, users have pop ups disallowed in their browser settings. Check to make sure that in this instance, pop ups are allowed. 


How do I title an Album?

On the horizontal grey stripe next to each thumbnail is a drop down menu titled "Edit". Roll over this title and on the drop down menu is the option to edit the title. You may keep the title as UNTITLED or you may change it to any name you choose.


How do I Edit Captions?

PixOasis allows you to add or edit any caption you may have created for an image. Roll over the "Edit" button, Click the link caption button and follow the instructions.


How do I E-Mail the link to my albums?

This tool is the core of the PixOasis image delivery function. It is also the mechanism that insures privacy and security for your digital images.

Once the photographer has edited his galleries, it's time to e-mail the link to the client. PixOasis insures that the clients receiving your e-mail will be able to view only the gallery/album meant for their eyes. All of your other gallery/albums and the images they contain will be hidden from everyone but you. PixOasis also allows the photographer to limit the amount of time a link is active for each E-Mail recipient.

Click the e-mail link on the grey bar next to the title of the gallery or album. A pop down e-mail box will appear. As you can see, the URL link and instructions for your client are already embedded. Also, there is a form that allows the photographer to specify how long the link to that recipient stays active. If no date limiting information is entered, the link stays active as long as the album is not deleted. All you have to do is add any personal or specific messages and send it. It's that simple. When your client receives the e-mail he or she only has to click the embedded link to be able to view and download the images immediately!


My clients are not getting my e mails. How do I fix this?

Occasionally photographers might be alerted that an e-mail sent to a particular client was not received. This could be due to a variety of reasons related to the multitude of e-mail server protocols, and even client firewalls. 

Some companies have very strict firewall protocols that might confuse the PixOasis automated e-mail with spam. For this reason, PixOasis created a work-around that solves this problem. If you encounter this, please do one of the following. 

1. click the "e-mail this album to myself" link.
2. When you receive the e-mail sent with this link, forward it to your client using your normal e-mail program like Eudora or Outlook. Your client will be able to receive this e-mail as if it originated from your own computer

When you receive the copy of the e-mail message sent to your client that PixOasis automatically sends to you, forward that e-mail to your client. The e-mail will originate from your own e-mail address and should not be blocked by your client's e-mail firewall.


How do I Download Images?

PixOasis lets users download images from your albums in two ways; individual images or all images.

Individual images:
By clicking on any thumbnail, an intermediate sized image appears. This image although larger than a thumbnail is still a low res version of the original image uploaded. To download the full high res version, the user must click the yesllow "Download High Res Version" button. The automatic download sequence will begin. Do not drag and drop or right click the image. A dialogue box will appear asking where you want to save the image that's about to download. Most users save these images on their desktop.

Downloading the entire album: 
Sometimes clients wish to download all the images in the album to their computers. PixOasis allows this function by clicking the Download All Images link. The images can be saved in the same manner as with the individual images. 

Please note: PixOasis only downloads the original images uploaded by the photographer. The thumbnail and intermediate sized images generated by PixOasis do not download.


I need more space, How do I upgrade my account?

PixOasis allots to each of its members an amount of storage space based on his/her subscription plan. Every photographer is free to use and reuse the allotment as many times as needed in uploading and delivering their images. Many photographers however will find that in order to keep their Gallery/Albums available to their clients on-line for longer times, or to upload and deliver large numbers of high res images, it may be necessary to upgrade their plan to one with a higher quota. If a photographer goes over his quota, Pixoasis will notify the photographer immediately by refusing to accept any more images on our server. The photographer can upgrade his account to one with a higher quota and immediately continue his PixOasis experience. PixOasis offers multiple plans that allow the photographer a choice of options to accommodate both budgets and storage needs. 

To upgrade, click the account tab on the header. then click the "Upgrade Plan" link. Payments can be made with credit cards or with PayPal. The Upgrade page link is accessible on the Account Page as well as the Prices page. 


How do I activate my new 15% discount account?

If you are an active member of ASMP, APA or PPA you qualify for a 15% discount on all paid PixOasis subscriptions. To activate your discount send an e-mail to telling us which organization you belong to (and be sure to include your membership number). We will activate the discount for your account. Once activated, PixOasis plans will reflect the new discounted monthly subscription charges.

The 10GB plan normally costing $15.95/mo. is reduced to $13.40/mo. The 20GB plan normally costing $25.95/mo. is reduced to $22.00/mo.

To take advantage of the newly available discount rates a new subscription is required. After clicking the “upgrade plan” link on your account page you will be directed to our upgrade page showing the new plan options that reflect the discounted prices. Select the plan that best serves your needs and click "Submit." You will be directed to PayPal to complete the transaction.


You can activate your 15% discount account either when you first subscribe or at any time after subscribing to one of our paid plans.


How do I cancel my Paid Upgrade Account?

You may cancel your paid upgrade account at any time. Your PixOasis account will terminate within 72 hours and you will not be able to upload any more images after the termination takes effect. Your images will remain on our server and your links will stay active for 30 days after the termination date.

To initiate the cancellation:
1. Log into your PayPal account
2. Find your most recent PixOasis subscription payment
3. Click on the reference number attached to that payment
4. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and click “Cancel Subscription”


How do I change my or update my credit card information on Paypal

1. Log into your Paypal account.
2. Click the “person” icon on the upper right
3. Go to Profile and Settings, then on the next drop down menu, go to My Money.


How do I limit client downloads of my images?

PixOasis is designed to simplify client downloading of images from the web. Occasionally, the photographer might want to limit this download function for a particular album of images or just the high or low res versions on either a temporary or permanent basis. Pixoasis permits the photographer to do this on an album by album basis. Simply click the options button on the grey bar next to each of your albums visible on your galley page. Scroll down to the "Allow/Disallow link and follow the easy to use prompts.

PixOasis does not permit those viewing images to “Right Click” and save or copy any images displayed.


How can I create a report of my PixOasis deliveries for tax purposes?

On your account page there is a link for "Download E Mail History". Click this link and Pixoasis will generate an Excel file with all of your e mail transaction including the title of the album sent, the date, and the recipient.


Can I deliver Raw Files?

PixOasis allows photographers to upload and display and deliver their RAW files as well as other formats. 


Besides JPEGs and TIFFs, what other file types are supported?

.DNG, .CRW, .CR2, and .NEF are all supported. 


What about .PSD and .PDF files?

PixOasis allows photographers to deliver PSD files with layers and PDF files. However, these files cannot be displayed with either thumbnail or intermediate sized images. Instead an icon serves as a place holder for the image. The title of the image or the image number is displayed beneath the icon.


Can I deliver CMYK files?

Pixoasis does NOT support CMYK jpeg, tiff or psd files. If you try to upload a CMYK file, it will be rejected by Pixoasis and not be displayed in your gallery.


How does PixOasis maintain security?

PixOasis takes the security of members' images very seriously. Our software insures that when a photographer sends a link to an album of images, the recipient has access to those images only. The link is active only as long as the specific album is maintained. Once the album is deleted, the link is nullified. The photographer's Gallery Administration Page, which displays other albums is accessible only by user name and password. On our servers, all images are backed up to prevent a permanent loss of data. 


How do I qualify for and activate a Discount offer?

Pixoasis offers members of select professional organizations a discount on paid plans. In addition, PixOasis occasionally makes this discount available to the public as part of it’s regular promotional activities.