How It Works

Create New Album

After Logging into your account, you will be taken to your gallery page. All of your albums will be displayed here along with easy to use options to help you organize and deliver your albums to your clients. To create a new album, click the "Create New Album" button under the PixOasis logo.

Add New Image

You will then be taken to a new page where you click the "Add New Images" button.

Our Express Uploader will appear. Click the Add Images button, highlight the files in your computer that you want to upload, click the upload button and your album will be created.

Uploader Screenshot - Add Image Uploader Screenshot - Click Upload

Once your images are uploaded, close out the Express Uploader and your album will appear on your monitor. Except for the administration controls that are available only to you such as "Add New Images" or "E-Mail Album" etc., this is how your album will appear to your clients when you e mail them the link. They will be able to download individual images or the entire album right from their screen.

Album Screenshot

There are also various options available for each image including choosing the image you want to use to represent the album on your gallery page (Highlight), editing the text, rotating the image, moving the image to another spot in the album, copying and moving the image to other albums, hiding an image or deleting an image.

Also available on your album page are "Album Options" to customize the look of your album.

Image Options Image Options

View Selected

Clients can also edit your images by creating lightboxes that they can view and/or forward to others in their work group. To create their lightbox, all they have to do is click the Lightbox check box for any images they want to include, then click the "View Lightbox" button to see their lightbox.

If you return to your Gallery page you will see the first image in your album as the placeholder "Highlight" image. You also have convenient drop down menus for your various admin needs including editing the title, description and captions of your album as well as a button to e mail the album, allowing or disallowing high res downloads and the ability to delete an album altogether.

Edit Options

E-Mail Album

Now it's time to e mail the link to your album to your client. You can click the "E Mail the Album" button on the Gallery page or the Album page. When you do, the e-mail form appears with the link to your album along with a greeting pre-embedded on the bottom of the page. In addition, PixOasis offers some handy time saving features. You can access a drop down menu from previously sent messages, you can request a read receipt if possible and you can control how long the link stays active each time you send a new link to an album.

When your clients click the link, your album will appear instantly on their monitors. They do not have any messy logins or passwords to bother with.