Powerful Features Made Easy

Deliver images, not just file names

Unlike other file sharing sites, with PixOasis, when clients click your link they see your images, not a list of confusing file names. You’ll save your clients time and effort.

Easy editing tool built-in

Our selection/lightbox tool allows you or your clients the freedom to easily edit your images directly on your web gallery. Click the images to be selected and your lightbox is created-instantly! After creating the edited lightbox, your selections can be viewed and shared with others using our dedicated email system.

Personalize your galleries

Enhance your brand! Keeping all communications to your clients consistent is a goal every digital artist should have. Now PixOasis helps implement this by allowing every member to replace our logo with yours. We even link your logo to your web site. Your trademark will appear prominently in the header of every gallery you deliver. Now your deliveries are branded. Just another way we keep you looking good.

Adobe Lightroom plugin

Save time. Install PixOasis’ Adobe Lightroom plugin and create and export photos from Lightroom directly to your PixOasis galleries. No need to login from your web browser.

Fastest upload speed

Due to bandwidth restrictions, upload speeds to different file delivery sites can vary. PixOasis never puts bandwidth roadblocks between you and our servers. That’s why tests have shown that PixOasis leads the industry in upload speeds – faster than Yousendit or Dropbox.

Admin Options

PixOasis offers each photographer multi faceted options that allow total editing and control of individual albums and galleries. Images can be moved from album to album, thumbnails can be resized, background colors changed and captions can be edited.

Control when your link expires

Every time you send a link to your images, PixOasis gives the photographer an opportunity to set a unique expiration date related to that particular e mail. You can send multiple e mail links to the same gallery with each having a different expiration date.