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Richard Merchan
Creative Director — Minneapolis, MN

“PixOasis is a great solution for uploading and sending images and large video files. When photographers submit their assignments using PixOasis, it makes our photo-editing workflow more efficient. I frequently recommend PixOasis over other tools that are not anywhere near as intuitive.”

Clients view galleries not file names

Clients can view and download images and videos from your branded galleries, add comments and organize and share selects and favorites.

Photographers take control

Use your dashboard to organize your assignments and manage your deliveries.

Brand your galleries

Deliver multiple galleries with one link

Super fast uploads

Adobe Lightroom plugin

Karina Ordell
Photographer — London, UK

“Being able to share a gallery, not a download link, is something my clients always appreciate and sets me apart from other photographers. PixOasis streamlines my brand as my assignments are professionally presented in a personalized, clean and easy-to-use gallery.”

Created by photographers for photographers

“PixOasis believes in fast, easy and reliable image and video delivery using branded, client friendly galleries to help photographers grow their businesses.”

We understand the problems photographers face every day making artistic decisions, arranging logistics, doing post-production, invoicing and marketing.

Now you no longer have to send your clients a long list of file names stuffed into a zip folder. Say goodbye to clumsy passwords, logins or applications for you and your clients to download and install.

Whether you are delivering proofs, high res images or videos, with PixOasis, one click and your clients see your images and videos instantly on their screen as web galleries, not file names.

They can view, organize their favorites, make and share comments, or download your photos and videos, right from the gallery.

And, you’ll save time using our Adobe Lightroom plugin while enjoying the fastest upload speeds in the industry.

At PixOasis, we listen to our members and work every day to help our photographers serve their clients and grow their businesses.

Say goodbye to clumsy client logins or applications for you and your clients to download and install.

  • Beautiful personalized web galleries.
  • Super fast uploads.
  • Deliver proofs and high and low res image files
  • Deliver multiple video or image galleries with one link.
  • User friendly. No clumsy client log-ins.
  • Password protection option.
  • Adobe Lightroom Plugin.
  • Selects/favorites lightbox with comments feature.
  • Control how long your links stay active.
  • Live phone tech support.

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